Wisdom from Wow!

  1. Speaker Amber Rose Dullea “Living Your Life of Wow!”

    In this video Speaker Amber Rose Dullea shares “Living a Life of Wow!” Amber Rose Dullea is a humorous and motivational speaker. In her talk at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Florence she describes the Five Steps to Thriving with Pain and shares some of her story of how she has come to live a life of Wow and to coach others to...

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  2. What is Thriving?!?

    What is Thriving?!?

    What Thriving looks like! Today the rest of our stuff will be unloaded into our new home on the Oregon Coast. It has been a long time dream to live on the coast. Today will be the realization of that dream as all of our things are brought in. (Right now some are still on the moving truck and the...

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  3. Spring Storm

    Spring Storm

    Spring Storm I have a love/hate relationship with spring. On one hand, I love the fact that the weather is turning warmer and flowers are appearing. On the other hand, I hate how my body responds to the doing and the allergens; itchy eyes, nuclear sneezes and itchy everything. I love working in my garden, getting my hands dirty as...

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  4. Everyday is a new day for choice!

    Everyday is a new day for choice!

    Everyday is a new day! Everyday is an opportunity to make a choice. Am I thriver or a victim? What is my intention for today? How can I interrupt my cycle of pain today? What kind of day do I want to have? Am I going to suffer through it or take whatever opportunities to thrive? I believe we all...

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  5. Lessons from an unlikely teacher!

    Lessons from an unlikely teacher!

    Lessons from an unlikely insect on thriving. Yesterday I was on my roof cleaning the gutters.  This alone is cause for celebration. I felt strong enough and steady enough to be doing it. What was so amazing was the vivid lesson about my reaction to pain that I received by an unlikely ally, a yellow jacket. I was cleaning out...

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  6. Discover the 5 essentials to pain relief and being more alive!

    Discover the 5 essentials to pain relief and being more alive! Are you wanting to escape from your chronic pain? Do you also want to figure out the secret to living your life that’s beyond being a survivor? It could be you need to begin with mastering your pain! You know you want to get rid of the pain! But it’s also about the...

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  7. Thriving Story Radio Show: Barbara and a successful hip replacement

    Thriving Story Radio Show: Barbara and a successful hip replacement

    Gain hope from this story of determination, self awareness, and ultimate success! It is never easy to live with chronic pain. Barbara describes her journey of advocating for herself in a medical health system maze until she was able to get the intense pain she was having correctly looked at and diagnosed.  Her determination, assertiveness, and courage shows how when faced...

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  8. Radio Show: Meet Nicole Meyers Henderson

    Radio Show: Meet Nicole Meyers Henderson

    Nicole Meyers Henderson and C Amber Rose Dullea have a heartfelt dialogue about Nicole’s practice and how she helps people who live with chronic pain. We invite you to listen live or you can listen afterwards through the recording. The broadcast is live this Friday January 24th 2014 at 12pm PST (3 pm EST) Listen in at or call...

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  9. Treatment for chronic pain

    The holiday season is winding down and we are coming up on a new year. One thing that most of us want is pain relief for ourselves or our loved ones. It can be even more difficult during the holidays to think about what is lost and to find the gratitude when pain is around so much. Finding and evaluating...

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  10. 5 steps from Ow to Wow! Radio show

    5 steps from Ow to Wow! Radio show

    Listen to the powerful, empowering steps to that are the basis of the coaching model and the Thriving with Pain Plan. Take your life back! An overview of the 5 steps are presented on the radio show: Thriving with Pain See the 5 steps here Here is the 5 steps from Ow to Wow Radio series.  Each show is less than 30 minutes.  Please...

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  11. Obama Care

    Obama Care

    First, how many of you do not have health insurance due to chronic pain?  What do you think about Obama care?  Please comment below! The news is reporting how horrible the roll out of the website(s) are.  I know my website took longer than I thought 🙂   For me, as someone who coaches people with chronic pain to take...

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  12. Newest Practitioner

    Newest Practitioner

    Nicole Myers: Author, Medical Remote Viewer and Integrative Health Consultant Nicole Myers Henderson offers Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (CMDT) for pain and healing Encountering a life changing health issue can be devastating to anyone that lacks the resources to assess their situation, get acceptable medical attention, or even heal on their own. Speaking from experiences; in 2001 my own health...

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  13. Hope for new answers for people with Fibromyalgia

    Hope for new answers for people with Fibromyalgia

    New study discovers people with Fibromyalgia may have extremely excessive amounts of  nerve fibers of veins called arteriole-venule shunts that now they understand to have a role in pain.  To see the article go to: Guardian Article: Fibromyalgia Mystery finally solved Pain is a symptom–we who live with it have to tell others what we are feeling.  We may have some...

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  14. Oregon Pain Management Commission–Sept 2012

    Oregon Pain Management Commission–Sept 2012

    A Message from the Coordinator Article Content Current Message September 2012     Self Management of Pain If you were unable to attend the September 13, 2012 Oregon Pain Management Commission Meeting, you missed a great opportunity.   In honor of “Pain Awareness Month,” commission members conducted a special education workshop titled “Empowering the Patient through Self-Management of Pain.” OPMC...

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  15. Got Pain?

    Got Pain?

    When pain increases or a flare up happens for a chronic pain sufferer, it is easy to go into fear, overwhelm and depression. This is the time when remembering your support and passions are essential and can help you and I from getting pulled into the vortex of negativity and hopelessness. What is going on here?  Is my first question. ...

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  16. Thriving with out blame

    Thriving with out blame

    Thriving with pain is about taking back your life from the cycle of pain.  For some it means not experience chronic pain anymore and for others it means gaining quality of life and a measure of peace of mind in the midst of the pain. Pain is difficult subject for western medicine since it is subjective on the patients part. ...

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