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  1. Healing Perspective of Wow!

    Healing Perspective of Wow!

    From Ow to Wow! is not an easy journey. The ow follows me. In my life, it is part of the Wow! The pain is not something that I enjoy or particularly am grateful for. I know that my experience of pain and moving beyond it has had an impact...

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  2. Newest Practitioner

    Newest Practitioner

    Nicole Myers: Author, Medical Remote Viewer and Integrative Health Consultant Nicole Myers Henderson offers Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (CMDT) for pain and healing Encountering a life changing health issue can be devastating to anyone that lacks the resources to assess their situation, get acceptable medical attention, or even heal on...

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  3. Today is the best day to start to thrive!

    Today is the best day to start to thrive!

    Are you are ready to move beyond suffering and blame? Then discover the 5 steps from Ow to Wow!  And work with Amber Rose Dullea from Thriving with Pain LLC and see yourself thriving! Through these steps you may find pain relief and more energy, but no matter what your...

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