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  1. Advice for Friendly Support

    Advice for Friendly Support

    How do you  feel supported?  “I am too tired to figure it out!” “If they loved me, they would know how!” “The fog is too thick to know.” Here is a great list of things that you can pick from to give to your loved ones. If you are a...

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  2. Newest Practitioner

    Newest Practitioner

    Nicole Myers: Author, Medical Remote Viewer and Integrative Health Consultant Nicole Myers Henderson offers Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (CMDT) for pain and healing Encountering a life changing health issue can be devastating to anyone that lacks the resources to assess their situation, get acceptable medical attention, or even heal on...

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  3. Ow to Wow in 5 Steps!

    Ow to Wow in 5 Steps!

    The Five steps to Thriving with Pain   1)      Understand the pain that you are experiencing– become the expert on you! 2)      Find treatment options and learn pain management techniques 3)      Ask for and accept support—You are not alone. Learning to do this can save relationships! 4)      Step Four: Engage...

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