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How to take back your life from chronic pain

Do you want to escape your chronic pain and take your life back?
Do you want to figure out the secret to living your life that’s beyond just surviving?
Do you want to find joy, purpose, and laughter?

It could be you need to begin with mastering your pain!
You know you want to get rid of the pain!  But it’s also about the quality of your life and how you can move beyond survival and become a Thriver.

In this recorded class “How to take back your life from chronic pain!” I share:
• The path to becoming an expert on you
• How to approach pain relief wholistically
• How to embrace support for your aliveness
• How to live the why of your life
• The next steps to take right now!

Why am I so passionate about this subject?
I personally know how discouraging it is to live with chronic pain and to see my life slip away.

I discovered how to break free of the cycle of pain and live again!
It required me to learn that not everyone’s pain is alike and I had to know my pain and make a big change in the way I approached my life.

I look forward to sharing these steps with you!

Listen to this one hour talk and you will learn the secrets to making this happen

Free one hour tele-class link here How to take back your life from pain class

How to move from Ow to Wow!

Want to live Your Life of Wow? Life with chronic pain is very challenging. In order to go from Ow to Wow!, you need knowledge, skills, courage, willingness, persistence, action and community. Pain can make these challenging, put up barriers and obstacles.

What you can do right now . . .
  • • Take a Thriving Quiz and see how you are doing
  • • Download the free resource and start a Thriving with Pain Plantm
  • • Buy “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain” book
  • • Start the web class
  • • Attend a support group
  • • Sign up for a group coaching program
  • • Sign up for Individual coaching
  • •Move forward in your life and thrive!