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Emotional Healing Therapist–Rocky Krogfoss

When I began my journey with chronic pain, I was finishing my Master of Divinity that was an Interfaith and New Thought Studies program. I believed that my thoughts created my reality and that matter matters. I believed that I would recover from my injuries from the car accident with no problem. The fact that my pain increased and that I was not recovering but instead going in the opposite direction was very confusing to me. If I heard or thought one more time, what was I doing or thinking or believing that was creating the pain, I was going to scream! I did not believe that I deserved the pain. I loved myself as far as I knew. I meditated, I prayed, I did my stretching, I got massage and went to a chiropractor. I laughed and I cried. My emotions were actually all over the place but my thoughts were focused on wellness, healing and wholeness.
I came face to face with a huge discrepancy of the idea that “you create your own reality” and my reality! This belief can become a trap when it is seen from the perspective of the conscious mind. Of course I was not wanting, thinking, or believing consciously that I wanted to the pain. But that does not stop it from becoming another way to torture yourself and put blame on the one who suffers. I do realize that our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs and how we respond impacts pain and the difference between suffering and surviving and thriving. And I believe that a large component of our thoughts are subconscious. Trying to consciously think your way out of a reality does not work. It is at the subconscious level that the power lives.
I do believe that learning how to look at things from a new perspective, using affirmations, and acting as if can help to access the subconscious and therefore change your reality. But often we need someone outside of us to support that connection and to guide us. As a coach I do this through questions, exercises, resources, and action plans.
Today I would like to introduce Rocky Krogfoss who works with people through his work with accessing his clients subconscious and helping to change the programming. He can work with people all over the planet since he works via video calling. Please see below his understanding of the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind in how he works. — Amber Rose Dullea

Why Does An Emotional Healing Therapist Bypass The Conscious Mind To Access The Subconscious Mind To Help People Heal Pain?


As an Emotional Healing Therapist that specializes in Online Healing with clients anywhere on this planet, I wanted to share with you, what I see as the differences between the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind, and why it is so important to effective healing of Chronic Pain and Mental Health diagnosis.
I have a YouTube Video of a noted and respected Psychiatrist who speaks about the brain and its relationship to the conscious mind. He clearly states that the brain is NOT your conscious mind. This may be a shocking revelation to you all because we have always assumed that the brain is where Conscious creation exists. We now know that is false!
We have all been programmed to believe our brain is where the life you live is controlled from. We have all been taught that is where your conscious mind exists. That is false!
The brain is more about contributing to simple linear life experiences, like making sure you don’t get hit by a car when you cross the street, for example.
So your brain is a highly inefficient source for creating the outcomes you long for in life, including healing your pain.
Your conscious mind is assumed to be in your brain but I will describe its true relationship to the brain by use of the diagram below. I have attached a picture of an Auric field taken by a Kirlian Camera, so you can visually compare.

Auric Field


Let’s say the blue box represents your brain. Consciously speaking, it is a small fry when it comes to manifesting anything; in fact, the conscious mind in partnership with your brain creates stories that guarantee you will be drawn into struggle and challenges because you are using the wrong tool to control your reality. These stories you speak contain and create a great deal of negative fear based language that recycles negative outcomes. We are not educated yet on the power of words. Science suggests that the Subconscious Mind is really in charge and these negative thoughts, feelings and words are the catalysts which drive the program called “Your Daily Life”.

Now, your Conscious Mind has been designed to work hand in hand with the brain. These 2 separate entities are in a state of linearity or low power consciousness. To manifest anything efficiently you must access your quantum power, which is much different. Did you know that your heart operates in a state of Quantum Power? (When you direct it as an intention)
Your brain / conscious mind doesn’t recognize the heart as a co-creative tool and continues to dismiss it and only allows a linear operation.

According to the HeartMath Institute in California, your heart can create an electro-magnetic energy field 5000 times more powerful magnetically than your brain. Why is that important? If you are a being of conscious energy, which is standard Quantum scientific wisdom, and you want to heal your body and create a better life, then it makes sense that you will want to learn how to intentionally access the best tools you have in your body to make it happen. We know that your heart is that tool. Your heart operates fluidly and efficiently with your subconscious mind, when you allow yourself to connect in a quantum state. In our society today, we have downloaded a great deal of fear that has built substantial walls around our heart to protect ourselves from feeling pain. The medical system gives you pills to mask the pain. I help you feel and release the pain. It is the feeling body which accelerates the healing process.

We also know that the magnetic power of your heart energy field helps explain why loving ones-self is so important when healing the pain. This self love creates a large energy field which allows pain to leave the body in miraculous fashion. This magnetic energy wisdom also helps explain how “The Law of Attraction” really works.
Now this is where the Subconscious Mind comes into play. In the diagram you will see an outer layer of red coloring that represents the auric energy.

It is in this red layer you will find your Core Belief Programming which is stored in your Cellular Body / DNA. Once again, this is a Quantum state. The Subconscious Mind is a catalyst and is directly responsible for running 95 – 99 % of the programming manifesting everything you experience in your life, including creating and / or healing Chronic Pain and Mental Health challenges.

Dr. Bruce Lipton made this numerical discovery and shared it in one of his books recently. As an Emotional Healing Therapist, I focus on the Core Beliefs in the Subconscious Mind because that is the true source of your happy loving creations and your painful, survival, struggle and failure creations. I choose to go to the source of the pain to ensure it is removed appropriately.
The old saying was your THOUGHTS create your reality. The correct statement is what you BELIEVE about yourself in your Core Programming is what you create… PERIOD!
Like an onion, The Subconscious Mind, and the Conscious Mind, are part of your being that exist in separate layers of your overall Auric energy fields like the diagram shows. The blue box / brain also represent your physical body. The white and red outer layers represent the energy field layers that are a part of your total being.
It is important that we all understand that the divine gave us these tools for our creative abilities but also to help us heal negative core beliefs responsible for manifesting pain, depression and stress.
Your Beliefs are programmed by many sources, the Inner Child which is primarily programmed by your parents, and later on in life by society. Your Subconscious programs run all the time, and to access them to heal is not hard work, just possibly unfamiliar work. Your beliefs flow and create through your physical body with thoughts, feelings, and emotions and are manifest through the words you speak and your actions.
If you want to watch how thoughts impact your energy fields, watch this video:
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