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Intensive Thriving with Pain Coaching Packages are individually designed. You receive personalized attention that supports you throughout your process. We combine telephone/video coaching, assignments and follow-up between your sessions. You receive optimum support that fits your schedule, your needs and wants so that you can move from Ow to Wow!

Thriving with Pain Coaching creates a container that supports your self-awareness, mindfulness, interventions, healthy habits, community, and exploration and follow through with pain relief and management. Healing is recognizing wholeness that already exists. So in addition to all of the pain management, you focus on engaging with purpose and meaning in your life in order to create a vision of your Wow! We begin with more frequent sessions that fit your needs to do the ground work and to create momentum.  Amber Rose is available between sessions via email and text.

Your commitment to intensive pain coaching helps to create the container for your growth, healing, and transformation. It takes time to work through the 5 Steps to Thriving with Pain.  This is not a quick fix or miracle cure. You will probably have less pain and will be better equipped to deal with what pain remains.  You will be able to say, “Wow! I am a Thriver! I am living a life that I couldn’t even imagine before.”

**Coaching is not therapy! Imagine having a guide who understands pain, has traveled this path, is encouraging, believes you, shares resources, laughs, and holds you accountable to your vision. Now imagine that you bring your willingness to be curious, try new things, to see things differently, to create new habits, and be directed. Thriving with Pain Coaching is about supporting you to create your life of Wow! You are supported while you create a vision, clarify goals, and move toward thriving habits. Coaching is meant to move you forward toward your goal of taking your life back from pain.

**If you have mental health issue(s) that you need support to manage, work with a therapist in addition to coaching.  This can be a powerful combination! Depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and stress are often part of suffering with chronic pain. By taking steps toward your Wow with the support of your Thriving with Pain Coach and working with a therapist, more progress can be made: physically and mentally.

We begin with an initial exploratory complimentary coaching session in which we explore where you are now, what you would like, and what it will take to get you there. If we both decide we are a good fit and to move forward, we begin with a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year commitment to create a container and continuity for the work.

Thriving takes time, consistency, and perseverance to establish and maintain. The pain is chronic and the changes needed to become a thriver take time. Intensive coaching can get you there much quicker, easier, and with a lot more laughter!

How to move from Ow to Wow!

Want to live Your Life of Wow? Life with chronic pain is very challenging. In order to go from Ow to Wow!, you need knowledge, skills, courage, willingness, persistence, action and community. Pain can make these challenging, put up barriers and obstacles.

What you can do right now . . .
  • • Take a Thriving Quiz and see how you are doing
  • • Download the free resource and start a Thriving with Pain Plantm
  • • Buy “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain” book
  • • Start the web class
  • • Attend a support group
  • • Sign up for a group coaching program
  • • Sign up for Individual coaching
  • •Move forward in your life and thrive!