Got Pain?

When pain increases or a flare up happens for a chronic pain sufferer, it is easy to go into fear, overwhelm and depression. This is the time when remembering your support and passions are essential and can help you and I from getting pulled into the vortex of negativity and hopelessness.

What is going on here?  Is my first question.  Did I reinjure or is it soreness because I am rebuilding?  Having the foundation of step one–become an expert on yourself– is key to knowing what to do next.

What to do about it?  This is where having a plan for the flare ups, new pain, or increased pain is helpful.  Is this a time to go to a health care provider, stretch, take some medication, get acupuncture, meditate?

This is also the perfect time to reach out to your support network and to know that you will ultimately be okay.  Breathing exercises, meditations, body scans, prayer are all ways to get access to your inner support.  Do you know who you can call to get a reality check or whine to or problem solve with?  Knowing this ahead of time is incredibly helpful for when it happens.  The whining and pity parties are sometimes necessary to go through to get to a place to focus on positive next steps.  As you probably already know, staying there is what hurts us more.

Is there anyway you can think about your passion, creative endeavor, or be of service?  What about a movie that takes you out of yourself?  This is when step four can come in handy.  Even if you are on your back and unable to move, you and I can still think about what we want to create.  This is a positive perspective that can take us outside of the pain for a while.

Don’t fight it.  Know it exists.  Breathe through it.  It is a cliché because it is true.  What we resist, persists.  Holding our bodies in a certain way to try to avoid the pain will usually increase it over time.  If nothing else, accepting the pain in such an active way, we can feel empowered and know that thriving is an option.  Breathe and smile and make the pain wonder what you know!

If you are overwhelmed and want a guide through this maze of pain and these steps, email today!