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Healing Perspective of Wow!

From Ow to Wow! is not an easy journey. The ow follows me. In my life, it is part of the Wow! The pain is not something that I enjoy or particularly am grateful for. I know that my experience of pain and moving beyond it has had an impact on who I am and what I do. Yet I still believe I would have preferred a different route. But today I know that it is precisely because of my own journey that I can support others in a unique way.

I look at the pain to see if there is a message for right now. Is it reminding me to eat better, work on my posture or look at my pacing? Often I can answer these questions. But sometimes I am aware that it just is. What is making my pain worse on a particular day is outside of my control and sometimes out of my influence. Gathering a new healing perspective of Wow, allows me to live in acceptance. Maybe at some level I chose my parents, and therefore my genes, but that is not something I can do a whole lot about now. What I remember, what I am willing to remember, is that I am whole, even when experiencing pain. This willingness is what adds the W to my ow and makes my life of Wow possible. The willingness to recognize my wholeness that already exists. In other words, my willingness to heal pulls me out of suffering and blame, drags me beyond survival, and allows me to thrive.

I remember when I was in my Whole Systems Design Master of Arts program, one of my Professors had us look at that picture that you can see a young woman or an old woman or, if you were good at seeing different perspectives, both.  (Hint, the young woman’s necklace is the old woman’s mouth.) It took me a long time to be able to see both at the same time, but eventually I could. This perspective is part of my life of Wow! I am (mostly) able to see pain as both a teacher and something to let be. I do not have to live in suffering, even when I am living with pain. Yes, I see the gift of my life. I take responsibility for what I can do and forgive myself when I am not perfect in doing what will manage or reduce pain.

Maybe I am a slow learner, or maybe pain is a hard teacher, but it took me about 8 years to move from suffering to thriving. I do not want anyone else to have to do it the hard way. This is why I coach and why I wrote my book “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain.”

The pain is worse today. Mostly because I have allowed stress to take over. I forgive myself for this. The pain will get better again as I remember my proactive pain management tools and use them! But I do not wait for the pain to change in order to live my Wow! I Willingly Observe Wonder and therefore I live my WOW! Even in the midst of experiencing pain. I do not have to wait to change my perspective. The young woman and the old woman are both always there.