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Nicole Myers:
Author, Medical Remote Viewer and Integrative Health Consultant Nicole Myers Henderson offers Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy (CMDT) for pain and healing

Encountering a life changing health issue can be devastating to anyone that lacks the resources to assess their situation, get acceptable medical attention, or even heal on their own. Speaking from experiences; in 2001 my own health began to spiral out of control and the issues that I had been confronted with provided me with an opportunity to fully grasp an extraordinary revelation had begun embedding itself into my life over 30 years ago. During my own bout with Endometriosis I found that my body, through subtle or severe pain signals, was actually trying to communicate its likes and displeasures to me. This had been going on for most of my life but it took this illness to wake me up to the fact that I was not alone and my innate wisdom was trying to get my attention. Each one of us has the ability to decipher these signals every second of the day – Our bodies send out warning signals, quite like an internal distress signal – a Morse code, if you will – and by becoming innately aware of the signals we can communicate with any affliction and inspire divine order within our bodies; and with practice, we can then begin to reach out into our external world and use what we learn about ourselves to connect to others.

You see, the human body has within each cell an innate wisdom, which when fostered, can heal the body at all levels. This intelligence can even tell us what is wrong within the body, what and how it needs to be treated, and in what order it wants us to work toward creating homeostasis. The key element in maintaining health in the body is the reestablishment of communication between all of our systems and parts. In this way, the body can synchronize its activities, heal and adapt to the stresses of life. Even in the grimmest of situations the body has its own rebalancing tools. All we need to do is tap into this power and use it. Therefore, when anxiety grips you and pain shoots through your body, know that the cells within you hold the key to restoration.

Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy has been designed to assist you in healing, for the prevention of dis-ease, and even helps you obtain answers to everyday life questions and occurrences. It is used to release emotions, perceptions or outmoded thoughts and ideas about your current life experiences. No one can be hurt by this form of therapy although many have had tremendous releases and experienced a barrage of emotions at the drop of a pin. (Don’t worry; outbursts can be controlled easily.)

In order to rebalance and heal, you will first need to understand what your body is trying to tell you. To do so, one merely listens to the body and it pains as it guides you to areas of the body that want to communicate. For individuals that need the guidance, a CMDT specialist can assist by asking questions. You then communicate with your body as it responds by giving providing answers that are needed in order to create healing on a cellular level. Memories revolving around your life experiences will reveal the exact emotions connected to what caused the imbalance and can even reveal the exact age that an imbalance imbedded itself. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can use them for the rest of your life without the need of an intuitive practitioner. You will become your own healthcare advocate; able to work with and guide your physicians and healthcare practitioners based on self-knowledge – which puts the power back into your hands and takes some of the responsibility off of your practitioners, so that they can treat you as you direct and deem proper.

What else can one use cellular memory therapy for, you might ask. Let us consider for a moment, the number of individuals within your community and then multiply that by the number of states, and then countries there are on this planet. With this concept of tapping into our own innate wisdom, it is possible to unfetter the community mind to spark change that will create a healthy community body, and expand outward to create peace on this planet. “What a wonderful world that would be”, right!

Alison Rose Levy, the author of An Ancient Cure for Modern Life writes, “In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else.” Imagine lightening that stressful load you carry. Quantum physicists have determined that life is a never-ending matrix; a vast network of free flowing energy that supports all things. This complex network is sustained by a higher power – your very own personal God source. This higher power is linked to every cell within every organ and system in your body. It is also connected to all other things – the endless outside stimuli that bombards our bodies every minute of each day – so, when life goes pear shaped, instead of calling a doctor, lawyer, or other professional to answer your questions, you can use your own powerful inner connection to obtain answers about any aspect of your life.

To summarize; in order to lighten the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual burden we carry, we need only turn inward and communicate with this internal cellular memory genius. The International Standard Version (©2012) Holy Bible suggests in 1 Corinthians 6:19, that “You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God, don’t you? You do not belong to yourselves.”

We each are a sum total of this higher power and being that nothing is separate from that, all things are and have come from IT.

1 Corinthians 3:16 reads; “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” My understanding of this is that God resides in each of us – in each cell of the human body as well as in all other things. Some scientists might prefer a different perspective but quantum physics sheds new light on the idea of the Godhead and its connection to humanity. After 25 years of research and by utilizing these techniques as I worked privately with client’s with undiagnosed pain, I know this to be true.

By utilizing the easy to use techniques I have developed, cellular regeneration is not only possible – it is easy and effortless and healing is the result! By using Cellular Memory Detoxification Therapy you can tap in to your innate intelligence, rebalance your cells, organs and body systems, and create homeostasis on all levels, anytime and anywhere you choose.

What areas of life can CMDT touch?

Health and well being
*Prevention of dis-ease or dysfunction
*Healing – pain management, (PTSD) post-traumatic stress
disorder – post combat reactions

*Detoxification of Medications & addictions
*Surgical procedures

*Organ transplants
*Wrinkles and wrinkle prevention
*Skin disorders

*Strategic partnerships & partners
*Employee relations
*Daily preparation and clean-up of days, weeks or months events

Success story:

We were looking for the missing link, but instead found the entire chain!

In wholehearted attempts to heal soul, body, and mind our journeys have taken us down many holistic pathways through the past fifteen years, including natural and energy healing while also heeding the enlightening words of many noted philosophers of our times. Each avenue brought us insights that led us to the next path, to the next, to the next…

By the time we found Nicole several months ago, my energy was frantically screaming for release. My energy level had been raised by gained insights, yet without comprehending that I had to also release hidden limiting beliefs about myself, my body was in chaos. My health history includes mercury poisoning, chemical toxicity, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, etc. In general, my body was not working – getting worse and worse as I kept raising the bar knowing that I wanted it all, health for mind, body, and soul.

Nicole taught us the basics of cellular detoxification – assisting us to, “go within “ and be a presence in our bodies, paying attention to the part of our body that was speaking (shoulder pain, sinuses, etc.) We were taught to feel the emotion of the area, often times expressing the explosive nature of that emotion, then going back to the earliest memory of the emotion and releasing the pain. This was difficult, not something I could have done by reading a book. Nicole was able to use her intuitive skills to assist us when we came up empty, often identifying a person or situation that then assisted us in completing the memory. For a couple of “well-adjusted” people we sure had a lot of stored emotions that needed releasing!

At this point we are listening to our bodies, and our emotions. We are beginning to gain the ability to meditate, something that was seemingly impossible a short time ago because of chaotic energy flitting everywhere! My husband’s breathing issues are greatly diminished, pains have resided, and both of us are more able to maintain a positive attitude and express joy! We are more secure in becoming the people we were meant to be. We are progressing toward the next step on our journey.

Pam and Craig Pullock