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Thriving with Pain Coaching

•Move from overwhelm to empowerment!
•Explore treatment options, research, and resources with a compassionate coach
•Gain tools to manage your chronic pain and thrive!
•Accountability and encouragement along the way
•Work with someone who knows it is not all in you head and it is not your fault!


  – Membership Resources
  – Webinars
  – Small Group coaching
  – Individualized coaching
• Create realistic goals
• Utilize support for improved follow-through
• Gain skills and habits to manage pain
• Explore passions and creative endeavors to add to quality of life


•Thriving with Pain: Beyond Suffering book (Due out by end of year)
5 step plan to thriving with chronic pain
•Path of Heart: Personal & Planetary Healing book
•Visualizations and Meditations
Email or call today to get started with a 30 minute free telephone consultation: amberrose@thrivingwithpain.com or (971) 279-5656

How to move from Ow to Wow!

Want to Thrive and not just survive? Life with chronic pain is challenging. To live your WOW you willingly observe wonder--even when it feels like the last thing you want to do. Depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, foggy thinking, limited function can put up barriers and challenges that people without pain may not understand. But you do and so does Amber Rose! It is your life. So what does it take to go from Ow to Wow? What do you need? Knowledge, skills, hope, courage, willingness, persistence, support, action, meaning and community. Pain can make these challenging, but not impossible!

What you can do right now . . .
  • • Take a Thriving Quiz and see how you are doing
  • • Download the free webinar and start taking steps to Thrive with Pain
  • • Buy “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain” book (available as an ebook too)
  • • Start with the Ow to Wow 5 steps online webinar series
  • • Attend a support group
  • • Begin a group coaching program
  • • Sign up for Individual coaching
  • • Create a plan and thrive!