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Ow to Wow in 5 Steps!

The Five steps to Thriving with Pain


5)      Accept –Accepting what is and recognizing the wholeness that already exists is key to becoming a Thriver. 

Become a “Thriver with pain”

What if you could move away from the blame?  What if you could not feel like a victim of the pain?  What if you could be grateful for your life again?  What if you were engaged with your passion?  Would that be worth exploring these steps?  Then do it!  Because that is exactly what Thriving is all about.

To thrive is to live beyond the barriers of circumstances.  Life contains pain, it contains sensations; some pleasant, some not so much!  Chronic pain can rob you of the full and rewarding life you had been living.  It affects not only the body level but the emotional, mental and spiritual levels too.  To be able to move through the stages of sufferer to thriver, all of these levels need to be addressed.  Thriving is an active ongoing process that increases your quality of life. Thriving with pain is thriving with life.


  1. wrote on September 13th, 2013 at 3:34 am


    What’s it take to become a sublime exeunodpr of prose like yourself?

    • wrote on September 13th, 2013 at 10:36 pm


      Practice! and deep thoughts 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment,
      Amber Rose