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Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month

Finding information about chronic pain is easy, but finding relevant factual information that meets a particular individual’s needs and educational level is not so easy according to American Chronic Pain Association, Inc. in 2013.

Chronic pain is a complex physiological, psychological, and sociological condition. When you look at the statistics that approximately a third of the population, at least in the United States of America, live with chronic pain, think about the people in your life that maybe living with pain and not letting most people know.

I met a man today in the grocery store who had lost his leg a few months ago.  In talking with him, I didn’t see that he was in pain.  He told me there was a lot of pain when he found out what I do—Thriving Beyond Pain Coaching.  But if I had just looked at him, I may have thought perhaps there was pain because he had lost a leg but I didn’t see it.

That is because pain is invisible.  There may be signs that we can see, a taunt face, wincing, body compensation posture but the pain itself is invisible.  Many people who live with moderate to sever pain learn to mask it because they don’t want to let it show.

If you think about everyone you know and realize that 1 out of 3 probably lives with pain, who would you guess they are?  Your child’s teacher, your next door neighbor, the woman ahead of you in the grocery line? Would knowing they live with chronic pain change the way you look or think about them? Would it change the way you presented yourself?

This month, September, is Pain Awareness month.  You can check out more details about it here:  Since many chronic pain conditions are invisible, it is important to increase awareness.  Pain not only affects the bodies and minds of the people who live with pain but also their loved ones and society as a whole.  Although living with pain can feel lonely, it is important to know, you are not alone.

Raise awareness in your world. Decide what you can do this month to reach out and let people know about what it means to live with chronic pain.