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Rewards of Awareness

Rewards of Awareness

Yesterday I woke up in pain! A migraine was starting to form, my low back was screaming, and I felt grumpy and basically in pain. I have tools now to be able to manage my pain and ways to recognize the patterns that can help me know what I can do to make it better.

It was important that I remembered that no matter what the cause, I was not to blame. The guilt and blame makes it even more difficult to make better choices and to see patterns. Synergy is a wonderful thing, unless it’s not! It was the coming together of sitting in a very uncomfortable/non supportive chair for too long, wearing shoes with a heel all day (chunky yes, put still higher than I am used to), being on my period, allergy season, and eating sugar that created the cascade of guarding, compensation and pain in my back.

I have tools so I used them. First I acknowledged that I was in pain and worked on my breathing and smiled, second I took my migraine medication, and third I rejoiced because I already had bodywork scheduled for the day! (Thanks to my wonderful brother, Dennis.)

When I got off the table from the bodywork, I was shocked at the deep patterns that had formed and been released.  Although I knew I was hurting, I didn’t realize how much until it got addressed. As I breathed through the releases, I could feel the muscles letting go, bones moving back into alignment, and just how much guarding and compensation I had been doing unconsciously. I felt like I had a new body.  There was still pain but it was no longer the deep guarding and compensation pain. Instead it felt like healing pain. The kind that comes as my body adjusts to the releases. It showed up in my thighs, my hips, and my back.

I live with post traumatic Fibromyalgia with migraines and a few specific joint issues.  The pain is not as intense or as constant as it used to be. With awareness I have developed habits and tools to lessen the pain and the cascade of effects into my life. An episode like this reminds me of all that I have learned and how fortunate I am that I am a thriver!