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Speaker Amber Rose Dullea “Living Your Life of Wow!”

Amber Rose Dullea is a humorous and motivational speaker. She brings compassion and connects with audiences as she covers topics about living a life of wow even when life brings challenges.

In this video Speaker Amber Rose Dullea shares “Living a Life of Wow!” at the Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, she describes the Five Steps to Thriving with Pain and shares some of her story of how she has come to live a life of Wow and to coach others to find their Wow!

Living and thriving with chronic pain includes awareness, management, support, purpose, and acceptance. In this talk, Amber Rose shares how these five steps are also good for any obstacle in life that we have to overcome.


“Living Interconnections!”

We know that we are part of a large web of life that is interconnected, but what does that mean day-to-day, or when you watch the news. Do you wonder how you can live in connection with a world that can seem so divided? Do you want to be able to live your principles, but at times you feel separate? Rev. Amber Rose Dullea will explore how you can remember your connections and live!