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Spring Storm

Spring Storm

I have a love/hate relationship with spring. On one hand, I love the fact that the weather is turning warmer and flowers are appearing. On the other hand, I hate how my body responds to the doing and the allergens; itchy eyes, nuclear sneezes and itchy everything.

I love working in my garden, getting my hands dirty as I weed, till and plant. The bird songs make me smile and make me feel alive. So alive, that I want to be outside doing. It has been months since my triumphant hiking days of last summer and fall.  I have continued some exercise and activity but nothing that prepares me for what I want. My desire to do, outstrips what my body can handle. Add the allergies that are ravaging my body and we have the perfect spring storm.

Last year, I wrote about how important pacing is as spring seduces us into doing all that needs to be done. This year, I am noticing how the changes in the seasons of our bodies and the environment interact.

Pain can be exhausting. Allergies are draining. Engaging in gardening brings me joy and exposes me to lots of allergy producing pollen. I am finding that my normal pacing techniques are being augmented by the constraints of sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and itchiness.

Of course I am doing the alternative and allopathic treatments for my allergies as well as my chronic pain. This spring I am in awe of how my body speaks to me to take care.

I like autumn better. It is the same temperature, lots of colors without the pollen making me crazy. Oh but then winter is on it’s way.  There is always something!