What people say

“I feel that Amber Rose has a real gift for working with others & helping them learn to better manage their pain. She has great insight & humor is very open to where you are in your life & helping you move forward with various tools & techniques. You work through the 5 steps with her & in the end have a concrete plan for living, managing & thriving with pain.

Thanks for the Thriving with Pain plan & Thriving certificate! It’s been a joy to work with you.”
Client with chronic back pain
My sessions with Amber Rose were very helpful in getting me started taking action toward pain relief. Because she experiences pain herself, she completely related and understood my pain experience. Seeing her authentic calm and easy going disposition, her sense of humor, and her positive outlook, while living with and managing pain–pain more debilitating than my own–, made me realize that it is possible to live a happy and upbeat life while managing ones pain. I felt completely relaxed and my best self in her presence and I really enjoyed her company.
She really listened and heard every step I had taken, and the results thus far, toward pain relief. Then she made many new suggestions for me to try before our next meeting. I felt motivated to follow through and did follow through. I felt I had a compassionate partner in my journey toward pain relief. All of her suggestions for my treatment were helpful.
In a heartbeat I would recommend Amber Rose as a pain relief coach to anyone looking for pain relief and a more positive daily life experience.”
PS Elementary School Teacher

“Amber Rose brings years of experience, both personal and professional, to her work, along with a great sense of humor and passion for healing.”
Susan Shawn-- Spiritual witness and writer

“I know Amber Rose to be a talented coach and a great communicator. “
Ray Siderius - President at Oregon School of Massage

“Amber Rose has experience, compassion and humor to bring to her work with people in
chronic pain.”
Richard Ireland - President Education for Haiti


“I have used Amber Rose for coaching in the past. She now brings a wealth of experience, skills and resources to an underserved group of people – those in chronic pain or with chronic illness. She has excellent “bedside manner” along with fantastic coaching skills, real insight and solutions! I recommend her and refer my clients to her.”
Gwenn Cody, MSW