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Support Lunch

Support Lunch

I went to lunch with two women from a Fibromyalgia Support Group I belong to yesterday. It was a much-needed session of support and a wonderful illustration of what thriving with chronic pain is all about.

If you saw us, we would have looked like any trio of girlfriends getting together for lunch; talking, laughing, and sympathizing. But for me, it was a lifeline. I didn’t have to pretend it wasn’t a bad pain day and that the changes I am doing in my treatment are taking me close to the rabbit hole of pain and depression. Instead I was able to say how hard it has been lately.  That my pain levels have increased as I am changing a protocol that I think will be better in the long run, but right now kind of sucks.

We talked of childhood dogs and loss, the loss of nouns and words, the Neanderthal walk or (some other funny expression that I can’t remember now) that we do in the morning as our bodies warm up, favorite practitioners, and family of origin. This connection is just like any other social connection that increases our quality of life. The thing is, these women understand the world of living with chronic pain. They get it.  And they get that wallowing does not serve anyone or anything. It is comforting.

We talked about creativity, projects to make a difference in our communities, and how lucky we are that we have great parks around us. Each of us is living our Wow! We may have good and bad pain days. We may have good and bad emotional days. But we have each in our own way taken responsibility for our own health.  We have searched out proactive protocols including nutrition and alternative practitioners that support our health. We connect with others on a regular basis for support and reach out to others.  We follow our passions for creativity, service, and purpose in ways that we can. We have come to a place of acceptance so that we have peace in our lives.  We are thrivers, one step, one lunch at a time.

Please share your thriving story in the comment box below and/or contact me, Amber Rose, if you are ready to go from Ow to Wow!