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  1. Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Medicine Map Key Last post we covered the Medicine Map of the different areas of medical support from allopathic to complementary to alternative.  Now let’s look at the Key. What do all these providers do and who should you go to?  Today we look at the Allopathic and Complementary components....

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  2. Got Pain?

    Got Pain?

    When pain increases or a flare up happens for a chronic pain sufferer, it is easy to go into fear, overwhelm and depression. This is the time when remembering your support and passions are essential and can help you and I from getting pulled into the vortex of negativity and...

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  3. Ow to Wow in 5 Steps!

    Ow to Wow in 5 Steps!

    The Five steps to Thriving with Pain   1)      Understand the pain that you are experiencing– become the expert on you! 2)      Find treatment options and learn pain management techniques 3)      Ask for and accept support—You are not alone. Learning to do this can save relationships! 4)      Step Four: Engage...

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