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Thriving with Pain Quiz

Welcome to your Thriving with Pain Quiz
This quiz is to give you a quick assessment on how you are doing as a thriver with pain.
Please answer all of the questions and enter your name and email so you can get your results sent to you.

1) How Confident are you about keeping pain and fatigue from interfering with things you want to do?
2) How confident are you that you have a pain management plan that includes more than taking medication?
3) How confident are you that you have support in your life to help manage effects of pain and fatigue?
4) How much does your pain, fatigue, or treatment interfere with your relationships and social activities with your family and friends?
5) What kind of health care provider supports you most with pain? Please choose only one.
6) How much does your pain and/or it's treatment interfere with your feeling of well being?
7) What of the following have you tried to increase your quality of life and thrive? (Choose as many as applicable.)

8) What techniques and strategies have you tried to manage your pain? (Choose as many as applicable.)
9) What recurring emotions are you dealing with that interfere with your sense of well-being? (Please check as many as apply)
10) How well do you understand your pain process, what makes it better, what makes it worse?

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How to move from Ow to Wow!

Want to live Your Life of Wow? Life with chronic pain is very challenging. In order to go from Ow to Wow!, you need knowledge, skills, courage, willingness, persistence, action and community. Pain can make these challenging, put up barriers and obstacles.

What you can do right now . . .
  • • Take a Thriving Quiz and see how you are doing
  • • Download the free resource and start a Thriving with Pain Plantm
  • • Buy “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain” book
  • • Start the web class
  • • Attend a support group
  • • Sign up for a group coaching program
  • • Sign up for Individual coaching
  • •Move forward in your life and thrive!