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What is Thriving?!?

What Thriving looks like!

Today the rest of our stuff will be unloaded into our new home on the Oregon Coast. It has been a long time dream to live on the coast. Today will be the realization of that dream as all of our things are brought in. (Right now some are still on the moving truck and the rest is in the house.) This is Thriving!

It has been two months since we found this home and we have spent everyday packing, preparing, signing, and moving. We have had to pace and take care of ourselves. The stress increased my level of pain to much more than it has been in a few years. I hit my limit of being able to cope so irritability and exhaustion reared their heads. Through the middle of this my new book, “From Ow to Wow! Five Steps to Thriving with Pain” was in the final stages of editing, typesetting, and production. I have been working with clients and began doing some contract work. I can work from home and get all of this done. This is Thriving!

Today I woke up in the garage (which will eventually be Rhiannon’s glass torch studio and guest space) because our regular bed is still in the truck parked outside. We have spent the last five nights on a make shift bed on the floor. And now I am sitting with my morning tea looking out my window at the Pacific Ocean. This is Thriving!

My book is now live on Amazon. Click here for a special deal! I will be interviewed on September 1st for a program by the Women Speakers Association which is heard in 120 countries. Stay tune for tune in information. And September is Pain Awareness Month! Lots going on and lots of Thriving!

Please share with your friends and colleagues! You never know who is suffering or surviving with chronic pain–it is an invisible disease. Lets raise awareness as we are coming into September: Pain Awareness Month!