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What you want! Some results from the survey. . .

Here are some of the results from the survey that some of you took.  The first thing that you are looking for is pain relief at 82.9%.  My hope is that through these steps some pain relief will happen.  It has for me but I know it took years for me to have enough relief to notice.  We all have different roads to go down on this point and my hope is that thriving can happen even with pain.

The next important benefit was treatment information at 65.9%.  In my research, I found it is difficult to find well-rounded information on lots of different options.  My hope is that this site will give members a place to discover options without hype.  Some sites I have seen are actually run by either drug companies or specific modalities or products but it is not always easy to find that out.  No one way works for everyone, so it is important to get good information that it easy to understand without a big bias.

Having good communication with health care practitioners at 60% was the next important benefit along with encouragement at 58.5%.  The next benefit respondents wanted was to find health care practitioners at  55.% and support to find a way through to a new life at 53.7%.

Going through the 5 steps from Ow to Wow with Thriving with Pain coaching in either one on one and/or group setting and resources that this membership website including links, forums, and options can support you to get these wants met!  Email today to set up an appointment for a free half hour consultation and see how this can help you move toward thriving!