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  1. Healing Perspective of Wow!

    Healing Perspective of Wow!

    From Ow to Wow! is not an easy journey. The ow follows me. In my life, it is part of the Wow! The pain is not something that I enjoy or particularly am grateful for. I know that my experience of pain and moving beyond it has had an impact...

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  2. Speaker Amber Rose Dullea “Living Your Life of Wow!”

    In this video Speaker Amber Rose Dullea shares “Living a Life of Wow!” Amber Rose Dullea is a humorous and motivational speaker. In her talk at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Florence she describes the Five Steps to Thriving with Pain and shares some of her story of how she has come to...

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  3. Are you ready to thrive?

    Are you ready to thrive?

    Are you ready to thrive? Then it is time to take a look at the 5 steps from Ow to Wow and make your own Thriving with Pain Plantm. Thriving takes awareness and developing mindfulness. When we are in pain, a natural reaction is to get as far away from...

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  4. Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Medicine Map Key Last post we covered the Medicine Map of the different areas of medical support from allopathic to complementary to alternative.  Now let’s look at the Key. What do all these providers do and who should you go to?  Today we look at the Allopathic and Complementary components....

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