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  1. Support Lunch

    Support Lunch

    Support Lunch I went to lunch with two women from a Fibromyalgia Support Group I belong to yesterday. It was a much-needed session of support and a wonderful illustration of what thriving with chronic pain is all about. If you saw us, we would have looked like any trio of...

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  2. Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Allopathic Medicine Map Key

    Medicine Map Key Last post we covered the Medicine Map of the different areas of medical support from allopathic to complementary to alternative.  Now let’s look at the Key. What do all these providers do and who should you go to?  Today we look at the Allopathic and Complementary components....

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  3. Pain Awareness Month

    Pain Awareness Month

    September is Pain Awareness Month Finding information about chronic pain is easy, but finding relevant factual information that meets a particular individual’s needs and educational level is not so easy according to American Chronic Pain Association, Inc. in 2013. Chronic pain is a complex physiological, psychological, and sociological condition. When...

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  4. Beyond 50’s Interview on Thriving with Pain

    Beyond 50’s Interview on Thriving with Pain

    Amber Rose Dullea’s interview on Beyond 50’s radio show on what it means to live in the thriving cycle instead of the pain cycle. Please check it out and leave comments! Published on Jul 29, 2014 For Beyond 50’s “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Amber Rose Dullea....

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