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Treatment for chronic pain

The holiday season is winding down and we are coming up on a new year. One thing that most of us want is pain relief for ourselves or our loved ones. It can be even more difficult during the holidays to think about what is lost and to find the gratitude when pain is around so much.

Finding and evaluating treatment for chronic pain can be a challenge.  Below you will find  a link to a radio show I did recently that is about treatment options–step two in the 5 steps from Ow to Wow! Many options exist for treatment when it comes to pain and it can be difficult to figure out what direction to take. Most providers know their own specialty well and may have some people they can recommend for other modalities. Even the best pain management clinics may not have everything in one place.

Self managing chronic illness is paramount to find ways to thrive. It is also the goal of the medical model to get you to manage the pain so that you can have the most function without too many undesirable side effects. Which is a great goal but in itself will not get you to thriving in your life again.

Pain, even pain that is “manageable” can have effects on emotions, mental acuity, and spiritual wholeness. Being fully engaged in healing can be and frankly is a full-time job. I have found that what works for me personally has changed over the years. I continue to learn what is most effective and least intrusive. Tracking what works, pain intensity and quality, and mood can be tough to do.

Please listen here to more details on step two: treatment.